Wedding Planning Ideas – wedding food catering and All Else

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Your wedding day should be filled with excitement, but the small details can add a lot of extra and definitely unnecessary stress, such as deciding on what food will be served at the reception, choosing a cake, deciding who will bake the cake, who will serve the ceremony, and also that comparatively tiny but very meaningful part, the wedding cake topper!

The following are some suggestions for making these selections less difficult and more enjoyable.

 Consider having your reception at a venue that caters; this may restrict your food options, but it will also relieve you of a lot of the stress associated with reception planning. If you are renting a venue that does not provide catering services, a buffet style catering option is an excellent alternative since it allows your guests to pick what they want when they see it, and it eliminates the need for additional servings!

For a small intimate celebration on a tight budget, consider enlisting the help of friends and family to bring their renowned home-cooked delicacies. This will save you a lot of money.Hiring a high-end caterer provides you with a wide range of options for the cuisine served at the wedding; you might choose anything else from roast beef and champagne to country chicken and casseroles.

If you have a favorite fast food or neighborhood restaurant, inquire about having them serve your reception at a far lower cost than the more expensive caterers.Consider a theme for the meal if you will be selecting all of the cuisine, such as seafood or beef dishes with sides that complement the main course. Those with sensitive stomachs would appreciate your efforts! So look for the best wedding food catering service.

Consider providing healthful options, as well as options for visitors who may be vegetarian or otherwise dietary restricted. Appetizers such as a vegetable platter and fruit salads are excellent selections.

To save money, create themed food and beverage menus that depend on fewer, more affordable components. The attraction of basic or uninteresting menu items is increased when they are presented in a consistent manner. For example, chicken and waffles, battered okra, and mac n cheese are much more enticing when they are served as portion of a Southern-themed meal rather than as an extra at the end of a lengthy buffet table.

Even if you use every cost-cutting method is reasonable for your wedding reception, food and beverage expenses will almost certainly account for a large portion of your total wedding reception expenditures.

The best part is that the reductions do not have to end there. It is possible to reduce your wedding budget even more by simplifying or eliminating other components of your wedding reception. This will not have a detrimental effect on the guest experience.

The food served at your wedding reception is unquestionably one of the most crucial aspects of the whole affair. Even if you choose for a traditional plated dinner or an informal cocktail reception, the food should represent the 2 of you as a couple, no matter what style you choose.

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