A Look at Different Control Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers

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When looking for a good electrical service provider for your heating and cooling system, make sure you contact Control Valve Manufacturers. These are the people that you will have to turn to if… well… you read that correctly! If you want to learn how to troubleshoot your own… well, let’s just say “computer” that is. Here are some tips on how to select the right control valve for you.

Before you buy a Control Valve… you have to know what it is! A two-stage air or water-type regulating valve, for example, will have a regulating lever that can be engaged or disengaged. When the lever is in its “on” position, the valve will regulate the amount of air or water flowing through it. When the lever is in its “off” position, the valve will reduce the amount of air or water flowing through it. So, when purchasing these, be sure to get the one that has the appropriate Lever Pressure reducing valve.

Now that you know what a two-stage or water-type regulated valve looks like… where are they available? The internet is the best place to look. Most Control Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers have websites that are easily accessible from their site… sometimes even from their company website.

Take a few minutes and browse through the offerings until you find the right one. Many leading companies like… Wells, Heat & Air, Heating and Air, Trane, Carrier, along with many others, sell or ship most of their valves online.

Another important thing to keep in mind as you shop… is whether the Control Valve you are looking at is a part number printed on the Control Valve. In other words, you want to make sure you are getting the correct Control Valve.

Part numbers for some of the most popular and trusted control valves are CTS-15 / CTS-16 / CTS-9 / GID-W Series, GID-Z Series, and HVAC series. If in doubt, always contact the manufacturer to be certain that the Control Valve you have is the right one and not one of those replacement parts that do not fit.

Some of the most popular valves are the push-pull series… which is a 2 stage actuator that pushes a lever to engage and disengage the flow. The Diaphragm in a push-pull series normally pushes against a spring that is mounted on the piston inside the cylinder. Some valve models, such as… the Trane Radial Jacks, have a diaphragm that does not move and is located within the piston. The diaphragm in a Trane Radial Jacks is manually operated.

The Trane Radial Jacks are equipped with a hydraulic clutch that provides a two-stage control. This clutch reduces valve slippage and prevents oil from being blown into the engine. Trane offers a variety of valves and they are sold separately.

If you have a Trane Radial Jack, you should always check the specifications that are printed on the back of the valve and make certain that it is by your exact model. You should never use a non-compatible valve and should always consult the manual that came with your valve to determine its proper operation.

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