What’s The Definitive Guide To Buying weed in dc

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Marijuana has been legal in Washington, D.C. for a little over a year now, but what are the laws and regulations around buying weed in dc? Marijuana use is still not legal in certain states, but it’s easier than ever to get your hands on cannabis from Colorado dispensaries to California dispensaries. 

There’s a lot to learn about buying weed in D.C., so here’s everything you need to know about getting high legally in the District of Columbia.

Buying Weed In D.C. Is Easy

Marijuana is legal for adults in D.C., but many people still don’t know what it looks like. If you want to buy marijuana from a Washington, D.C. dispensary, here’s how it works:

You’ll need to visit the dispensary and purchase a medical marijuana card before visiting the dispensary to pick up your weed. The card will have your photograph and a personal identifier number (PIN), which you can use to order cannabis at any time. 

Many dispensaries also offer discounts on cannabis when purchased through the card. Additionally, you may be required to show identification with proof of age when purchasing medicinal cannabis in D.C.

How To Find A Good Dispensary

Buying pot in D.C. is easy—even if you’re just getting started! It’s not too hard to find a good dispensary in the District of Columbia, but there are some things you’ll need to know before you buy weed in person. It could be an expensive mistake if you don’t have enough money or legal knowledge on your side.

The moment you drive past any weed shop, you’re going to know it’s a dispensary and that this is where people go for their cannabis fix. The sign will inform you that it’s legal for recreational use, and the employees will welcome you with open arms and a smile for having come all this way to get high on their products.

There will be no questions about why they’re selling weed; it’s what they do best! Many of these shops specialize in only selling marijuana, so expect them to do everything they can to make sure their customers leave happy.

Most of these shops will sell buds, which is the dried form of cannabis flower. You’ll see different varieties designed just for high-end smoking or vaping purposes; most dispensaries will offer both options based on your preferences and budget constraints when it comes to buying weed in dc legally

What Are The Rules And Regulations Around Buying Marijuana?

The District of Columbia’s laws and regulations around the use of marijuana are fairly strict. As of December 2016, there are only two dispensaries in D.C. that sell marijuana for recreational purposes—the DC Cannabis Company and The Green Solution. There isn’t a single licensed retail marijuana store in D.C., but residents can purchase cannabis from these two locations.

It’s important to note that all non-medical marijuana sales are illegal at this time in D.C., meaning you can’t buy weed to take home or smoke it if you don’t have a medical card. To legally purchase marijuana, you’ll first need to get a medical marijuana card from your doctor, who must certify that you’re suffering from one or more medical conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Uncontrolled seizures (seizures can be prevented with pot)
  • Mood disorders like anxiety and depression

Neurological diseases like epilepsy or Lou Gehrig’s disease (muscular dystrophy)

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