Top 10 Benefits Of Wearing period undies

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Period undies are specialized to wear during menstruation, you can wear them instead of having traditional sanitary products like pads and tampons. It is a good alternative because it is also available in different designs and thicknesses depending on how heavy or light the blood flow is. Here are the top 10 benefits of using period undies:

  1. They are eco-friendly products.

There are a lot of studies and scientific explanations on how pads and tampons bring danger to the environment because of the present chemicals and plastic on them. Through this, it contributes to the overall environmental problems like global pollution and climate change that damages nature in the long run. In opposite to that period, undies are not made to harm the environment and aside from that, it can be used for up to five to ten years depending on how it is being taken good care of.

  • They are more convenient to use.

Just like your ordinary underwear, period undies are easy to use. You just need to simply pop them and continue with your everyday life. As we compared it to pads, wearing period undies are way more convenient.

  • They are reusable.

After using period underwear, you can wash and dry it then use it again. Unlike the traditional pads, you can throw them in the trashcan and buy them again for another use but that’s the opposite of period undies since it is made to be reused. As a reminder, to avoid any infections, proper washing and drying should be applied.

  • They are economically affordable.

During your initial purchase, you may find it expensive but having those period undies in a long run surely makes it more affordable than any menses product that could be used for once only.

  • They are natural to use.

Just like wearing ordinary underwear, the wearing of period undies is just the same. It feels so natural in wearing that is why many women love to wear these especially when they are busy with something.

  • They have varied designs and styles.

It is like a modern panty; it also has different designs and styles to choose from.

  • They prevent you from being caught out.

Many women do not like their menstruation because of the discomfort they feel in using sanitary products since they have experienced the worst nightmares when it leaks on their pants and is caught out by others. Unlike period undies you can put them inside your bag like an ordinary one.

  • They are comfortable to use.

Many women find sanitary pads a bit too bulky but period undies are not too heavy to wear.

  • They can be worn when swimming.

The good thing about them is you can totally wear them anywhere and anytime you want even in swimming.

  1. They are liberating.

Wearing period undies means the blood is naturally flowing from women’s bodies to the underwear which means there’s no need to worry about leaks. The top 10 benefits stated above are just a summary of reviews coming from women who have used it.  Checking your health care professional and asking for any advice when it comes to the use of period underwear is more preferable among all.

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