The Absolute Worst Boxers of All Time

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Boxing is a sport that requires a combination of strength, agility, and determination. But while there are many legendary boxers who have become household names, there are also those who have been nothing but disasters in the ring. These are the boxers who lack crucial skills, have terrible records, and are responsible for some of the most cringe-worthy moments in boxing history. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the absolute worst boxers.

1. Butterbean: Butterbean became famous for his larger-than-life persona and his comically round figure. However, in the ring, he was not so impressive. He had no real skills or technique, and his record of 77-10-4 speaks to his numerous losses. His knockouts may have been entertaining, but they often came at the expense of less-than-impressive opponents.

2. Audley Harrison: Audley Harrison was an Olympic gold medalist, but his professional career was nothing short of abysmal. Despite his impressive size and reach, he was far too cautious in the ring, and his lack of aggression and killer instinct cost him dearly. He consistently underperformed, with a record of 31-7 and few notable victories.

3. David Price: David Price was another boxer with plenty of physical advantages, but little else to show for it. Though he was a heavyweight with an 80-inch reach, his punching power was lackluster at best. He struggled to maintain his composure in the ring and frequently fell victim to bigger and stronger opponents.

4. Charlie Zelenoff: Charlie Zelenoff is perhaps best known for his bizarre antics outside the ring than his actual boxing skills. He was an internet celebrity who made headlines for harassing and even assaulting other boxers at various gyms. When he finally did step into the ring for a professional bout, he suffered a humiliating defeat and was revealed as nothing more than an amateur.

5. Michael Grant: Michael Grant was a highly-touted heavyweight prospect with all the physical tools to become a great boxer. However, he lacked the mental fortitude and focus to make that happen. After losing to Lennox Lewis in a highly-publicized bout, Grant fell into a spiral of mental health issues and substance abuse. He continued to fight, but without any real conviction or skill.


Boxing is a sport that requires both physical and mental strength. The boxers on this list may have had some advantages in terms of their size or reach, but they were clearly lacking in the areas that mattered most. Whether it was a lack of aggression, poor technique, or mental instability, these boxers all share the distinction of being some of the worst in boxing history. Despite their shortcomings, however, they will always be remembered as part of the rich tapestry of the sport.

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