Symptoms of placing the wrong fuel in your vehicle

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Even though it is a problem that is uncommon, from the information gathered by the experts at wrong fuel sosthere are several instances when it does occur. The problems that come out of it are quite severe, causing a lot of inconveniences to the vehicle owner or the driver.  

Misfuelling refers to accidentally putting the wrong fuel type in the vehicle other than what the vehicle is designed for. Like putting diesel into petrol or petrol into diesel. It happens accidentally and thus, you might not immediately discover it.  

In case the problem isn’t discovered, there are numerous signs as well as symptoms that the vehicle will show after getting fuelled with the wrong fuel. 

The engine will not be able to start at all 

You need to remember that it is a symptom that will not apply to all vehicles. After you fuel your vehicle and you begin the engine, it will refuse to start. At such a point, the first step that you need to take is to ask the attendant at the petrol station the type of fuel which you have just used for purposes of clarification. In case they confirm that the type of fuel is wrong which was utilized, seek assistance for the vehicle to be towed to the parking bay nearest. It is because it is a problem that is solvable. 

Cut out of the engine 

In the beginning, the engine used to run smoothly but after refueling, it stops suddenly. It might as well happen that after you leave the station with the engine working well, it stops suddenly after you cover some distance. The problem source might be that you used the wrong type of fuel. 

Abnormal smoke coming from the exhaust system 

Whenever you see a vehicle releasing an emission that is abnormal in large quantities after you fuel, you need to be alert that there is something that has gone wrong somewhere. The main reason might be that you have used an incompatible fuel type, which is corroding the engine system and causing some serious damage. 

Things you need to do after you discover the wrong fuel problem 

  • You shouldn’t drive: When you drive the vehicle even if it is on the wrong type of fuel, you will end up worsening the problem. It is because the wrong fuel will penetrate other parts of the fuel system, causing further damage. The same thing does apply to the engine. If you start it, you should stop it immediately. 

Get fuel draining services: You have to contact the wrong fuel sos  for the fuel draining services. They do cover all parts of the country and are responsible for wrong diesel or petrol draining from your tank. They have a team that is efficient of engineers who tend to quickly respond to the needs of the client. Time is a factor that is very important when it comes to wrong fuel draining and that is why going to such professionals will take care of it all. They utilize equipment that is high tech that has been standardized to deliver the services. 

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