Sökmotoroptimering (Search Engine Optimization): What Exactly Is It And How Has It Evolved Over Time?

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When colleagues in the business community or even rivals use the term “search engine optimization,” many company owners will take notice and explore it as a means of growing sales. But what exactly is search engine optimization? Additionally, a company owner may have attempted ‘SEO services’ in the past and discovered that they either did not perform as well as planned or that they were functioning but were no longer as successful – this article explains what SEO is and why the “new” SEO is more powerful than before.

When search engine optimization and website ranking were first introduced, I began working in the field long before the term Sökmotoroptimering (Search Engine Optimization) was coined. There have been significant advancements in search engine optimization since the beginning of the new century, and you should be aware of these advancements when selecting SEO services from an SEO agency.

Because users could now pay for prominence on Google, which is currently the number one website for initiating internet searches, it was anticipated that AdWords would be the death of SEO when it started in 2002.

Getting to Know More About SEO History

In 2003, Yahoo bought Inktomi, AltaVista, and FAST, thereby putting an end to all of the ‘smaller’ search engines…. ‘Spam’ techniques and websites were being targeted by Google, which began cracking down in 2011. The same time, Google realized that their advertising network, known as ‘AdWords,’ was not going to completely eliminate SEO and that the “natural listings” were actually encouraging people back to the Google search engine platform. Search engine giant Google began to recognize and encourage “professional SEO” professionals, as opposed to SEO that is spammy.

When Google took action against websites that were spamming its servers in 2004, the first website to be “banned” from the internet was launched. The “SEO Company” that was responsible was also sued by the group of women.

A website’s rank in 2006 was determined solely by the number of backlinks that pointed back to it, which made purchasing links and participating in link exchanges popular. Most websites had a page on their website where they would list companies and provide connections to their own websites (I am still amazed how many websites continue this practice).

In 2010, Sökmotoroptimering (Search Engine Optimization) will be a priority.

Between 2010 and 2015, search engines began to take note of ‘Social Media’ websites, and soon the results were flooded with Twitter ‘tweets’. (When I searched Google for one of my clients’ businesses, I could still picture the expression on his face, and the whole first page of search results was made up of tweets from a Twitter chat that two members of staff were having about how bad the company was!

Ranking websites was based on their ability to get discovered for very competitive keywords. In order to rank for that search term in Bristol, it was decided to concentrate on it.

Because to the Google Panda and Penguin upgrades, “link exchanges” were effectively eliminated, with severe penalties levied on websites that had irrelevant links pointing to them. At the same time, Google developed “no follow links,” which enable websites to give relevant connections to other websites and information without being penalized by either of the two parties involved. Safe connecting was established at that time. Search engine rankings were now determined on the quality and relevance of content.

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