Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Buying Land on the Moon

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The moon is a beautiful and mysterious place and is, as they say, “out of this world.” With that said, we at the ISSCR feel that buying land on the moon should be carefully considered. Before making such a decision, we believe you must ask yourself several important questions. We leave it up to you to decide if owning property on the moon is a good investment or not.

1. Can I afford to buy land on the moon?

Owning property on the moon will require a sizable investment, but whether or not this is feasible for you depends on your financial situation. On the one hand, buying land could be helpful if you are planning to emigrate to another planet. If that is indeed your plan, then it makes sense to buy land on the moon, as there are probably many habitable places to live on our closest celestial neighbor. Take note, though, that you will have to consider the rocket trip costs. Buying one-way tickets may cost more than roundtrip ones.

2. Will I make any money off of my investment?

If owning an expensive piece of property on the moon is not part of your current financial plan, you may want to think twice before making this purchase. Currently, there are no inhabitants on the moon, and even if there were, it’s unlikely that anybody would pay rent or buy groceries from you.

3. What potential use could my land have?

Your lunar property can come with various utilities, such as an oxygen system and solar panels. If you decide to build a tiny house on your property, you may want to consider installing a guest room with an extra-large bed.

4. What would happen if I sold my property?

You may want to consider selling it. Although the price of your property will likely increase over time, you may not be able to find a buyer in the present climate. If you end up buying real estate on planet Pandora instead (which likely has more residents in the future), your lunar land may go to waste.

5. Is buying land on the moon a good investment?

This entirely depends on your financial situation. If the sole purpose of the purchase is to have an expensive piece of property that can be turned into a future investment, you may want to consider other options.

6. Have I considered that I might not own this property?

It is important to note that the Outer Space Treaty (OST) states that “outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, using use or occupation, or by any other means.” This agreement was created in 1967 and had 100 co-signers, including the U.S., Russia, and China. Therefore, there is a possibility that if you own property on the moon, another country may attempt to claim it as their own after your purchase. In conclusion, if you consider buying land on the moon, it is essential to ask yourself these questions if you can answer them; congratulations! You’ve taken a significant first step toward becoming a future lunar property owner.

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