Resistance bands are everywhere for resistance bands exercise – but do they work?

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During the pandemic,resistance bands exercise was widely shared on social media, in case you haven’t used one before, resistance bands are synthetic fibers like latex or rubber that are used to create an elastic band-like effect. 

With the help of these bands, you can produce greater stress while working out by looping them around your body, some people believe that increasing the amount of effort you put into an exercise will help you grow strength and muscle.

Why Is Strength Training Important?

Strength training, as many of us are aware, is critical for physical fitness, in addition to helping us increase strength, it can also decrease the degeneration of our muscles as we age while increasing muscle mass can also raise our metabolic rate. 

Squats, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises can help you buildup strength, but if you want more strength, you need to add resistance.

It’s possible that resistance bands’ ease of use, small size, and low cost have made them so popular. With varying levels of resistance either light or heavy, different bands can be used by persons of varying fitness levels to engage their muscles in different ways.

Research shows that elastic resistance bands can make you stronger, just like dumbbells or weight machines, resistance bands exercise has been shown to have a higher effect on stabilizing muscles than weight training alone. 

Is It Safe to Use for Everyone? Find Out Below!

Resistance bands are frequently utilized in rehabilitation because of their potential to increase mobility and stability, it can help elderly people when free weights aren’t an option because they can’t get to a gym readily, it is not only safe for senior citizens, but it may also lessen their risk of becoming feeble. 

Cons and Benefits

As many as half of individuals who begin traditional weight training fail within a year because of logistical and financial challenges, as a more convenient means of strength training, resistance bands may motivate users to stick with the program over the long haul.

When the band is stretched to its greatest length, the maximum resistance is reached, free weights, on the other hand, provide a constant amount of resistance throughout the movement, it’s also simple to increase or decrease the amount of resistance that you’re experiencing, although you can increase your strength by utilizing a band with a higher resistance, which improvements would not be as significant as those obtained by lifting weights.

 Increasing Strength Is Similar to Free Weights

The strength increases from resistance band exercises are comparable to conventional methods like free weights, however, you can work against higher resistance with free weights, thus in this case you will acquire more strength. While free weights and resistance bands can be used together, there is some evidence that utilizing resistance bands with free weights can help maximize strength growth.


The drawbacks of resistance bands must be acknowledged, but this does not mean that they cannot be a useful tool for building muscle and strength. With their affordability and accessibility, they could be a fantastic option for those who are just starting out with exercise or who don’t want to buy a gym membership.  This means that practically, anyone can benefit from strength training without lifting huge weights and splurging a vast amount of money to achieve their goals.

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