Questions to ask a roofing contractor when hiring

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You have to ensure that your roofer, whether it is roofing contractors wilmington nc  or your preferred one, can answer insurance, location, and much more. Before you make the hiring, there are certain questions that the roofing company has to answer. When the job is done poorly, it might mean roof repairs and leaks, which could be costly shortly, meaning more mo time.

You have to ask your roofer the following questions before you make your decision for hiring:

What are your company’s full name and its physical address?

You need to know the full name and physical address of the roofing company. If they use a P.O Box, you will need to know the actual location. A roofing company with no physical location might cause concern, and you will need to avoid it. Get online to find a list of roof or repairs replacement companies that might be near you and evaluate them.

Do you have insurance?

The roofing contractors need to have workman compensation as well as reliability insurance for protecting the homeowner if something goes wrong during the repairs.  The worker’s compensation comes in handy to protect the homeowner if a roofing company gets hurt. The reliability will protect you from the damages which are caused by the roofers during replacement or repair.

Without the insurance for workmanship compensation, you might be reliable for the medical bills plus costs associated with injury as the homeowners. The insurance you have as a homeowner might not cover such accidents, and thus, you will need to be personally responsible.

Do you utilize roofing contractors?

You have to understand if the company uses subcontractors. If that is the case, you have to ensure you ask them the same roofing subcontractors’ same questions, especially if they are insured.

Do you have a license as a roofing contractor?

You will need to ask a roofing contractor if your state or city licenses them. The requirements for licensing tend to vary from one state to the other. There are some counties and cities which require that a contractor has to be licensed. Try and check out if that is the requirement in your area and if that is the case, check out with your local licensing office to ensure your roofer is licensed and their license is up to date, and there are no outstanding violations. 

A license for the business is not the same as a license for a roofing contractor. A business license is for tax and the identification of the company. It doesn’t mean that the person passed the test or is qualified to do the job.

Do you have a homeowner’s reference?

It would help if you asked the sites for local residential jobs that you visit for previous work that they have done. You can also ask for references, but at times, some customers don’t want their information to be revealed to third parties, or the contractor might cherry-pick a happy customer for your reviewing.

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