MP E-Uparjan Slot Booking 2023 Is Helping Farmers To Sell Crops At MSP Price Easily

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Today we have presented detailed information on MP e Uparjan Slot Booking 2023-24. If you are a farmer in Madhya Pradesh looking to sell your crops on MSP, this article is a must-read.

The procurement of Rabi crops will commence after March 25 and continue until May 25, 2023. Upon receiving an SMS, all farmers must take their wheat to the procurement center to sell.

Our aim with this article is to provide farmers with valuable information, enabling them to become more aware and understand the worth of their crops, ultimately leading to greater benefits.

Although the main focus of this article is to provide information on MP e Uparjan Slot Booking 2023-24 Rabi, we have also included details on what farmers should be aware of before the process.

While Slot Booking is a procedure that you will learn about immediately, understanding the essential information beforehand will allow you to correctly book slots for your crop.

What are MP Procurement and Uparjan?

MP Procurement and Uparjan have straightforward meanings. Procurement refers to the act of purchasing while Uparjan means earning in Hindi.

In the context of agriculture, procurement involves the purchase of crops from farmers by either the government or private companies.

If you are familiar with the term “Mandi,” you would know that farmers sell their crops there to earn money. However, this requires them to navigate through a selling chain to reach the market and sell their produce.

The government has established procurement centers, also known as Government Markets, to help farmers avoid middlemen and earn better profits.

These centers ensure a guaranteed market for crops and determine a Minimum Support Price (MSP) to ensure farmers receive fair prices for their produce.

Private procurement linked with MSP was previously allowed but later removed due to the possibility of lower prices for farmers.

New methods have been implemented by the government to increase buying and selling convenience and eliminate middlemen. Farmers can now sell their produce on MSP.

Introduction To MP e Uparjan Portal 2023

The government initiated eProcurement to streamline the purchasing of agricultural products, making them more efficient and transparent.

The system enables farmers to sell their produce online by scheduling a slot and setting a date.

The Madhya Pradesh government manages this system through the MP e Uparjan Portal, which is named Aparjan as farmers can earn a fair price for their produce.

This article provides comprehensive details on the advantages that farmers are obtaining from the MP e Uparjan Portal.

Sell your crop via the MP e-Uparjan portal in 6 steps and receive a receipt slip with your payment:

  • Register on the e-Uparjan platform.
  • Send purchase details via message.
  • Sell your crop to the procurement center.
  • Transport the procured grain.
  • Store the grain in the godown.
  • Receive payment directly in your bank account.

Crops Accepting MP e Uparjan Slot Booking 2023-24

To sell your crop, it’s important to be aware of the crops included in Slot Booking and their corresponding MSP value. The government releases MSP for Rabi and Kharif seasons, and it’s important to know the latest MSP information for your crop before booking a slot.

Rabi Season Crops

Rabi CropsRecommended Price (Rs Per Quintal)Fixed Price (Rs Per Quintal)
Lentils (Masoor)60006000

Kharif Crops

Kharif CropsRecommended PriceFixed Price
Paddy common21252125
Paddy (F)/Grade ‘A’17351735
Tur (Arhar)66006600
Ground Nut58505850
Sunflower Seeds64006400
Soybean black
Soybean Yellow43004300
Medium Stepal Cotton ^60806080
Long Stepal Cotton63806380

How To Book Slot For Gehu (Wheat) In e-Uparjan Portal

MP Gehu Slot Booking and Panjiyan 2023-24 has commenced for farmers to sell their Rabi Fasal at the minimum support price.

The government aims to purchase 80 lakh tonnes of wheat on MSP this season and has activated 3480 procurement centers across the state to facilitate the process.

Two stages are involved in the MP Gehu Slot Booking process for farmers looking to sell their wheat to the government.

Step 1: Registering Rabi Wheat

  • To begin, MP e Uparjan Kisan Registration must be done.
  • Renewal is required for existing registrations.
  • Visit, find the farmer registration option on the homepage, and fill out the form to complete the task.
  • Additionally, this article can assist with Gehu Panjiyan registration.

Step2: Registering Rabi Wheat

  • If you have registered your farmer, now you can do Slot Booking.
  • You must have received a Kisan Code.
  • Through this, you can book.
  • First of all, you go to this Slot Booking Link
  • On the homepage, you will get the option of Kisan Slot Booking, click on it.
  • Now the Wheat new slot booking form will open in front of you.
  • In this you will have to enter these three pieces of information:
    • select district
    • farmer code
    • Captcha code
  • Now click on Send OTP.
  • You will receive OTP.
  • Now verify it.
  • After this, you will reach the last step of booking.
  • A calendar will open here.
  • You choose a date.
  • After this, you will get the list of procurement centers available on that date.
  • Choose a Centre.
  • Now you will go to another page. There you have to give your wheat sale-related information like type, weight, etc.
  • After that, you submit.
  • You will get the Booking Slip. Download it.


In the conclusion, we want to say that we have provided you with the essential and useful complete knowledge about eUparjan Portal. Now you can Slot Booking Online.

If you need any extra knowledge about it, you can visit

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