Minimalist gadern ornaments

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Gardens can be the most beautiful corner in your home. The best part of garden ornaments is that you can play around with the decoration. You can either have an elaborate Victorian theme garden or a minimalist garden theme. Also, you can add different types of minimal statues to your garden. Simple stone statues of various themes are available for garden decoration. We have listed a few minimal animal garden ornaments to add a quirky vibe to your garden. 

  1. Small Pug Garden Statue: The Small Pug Garden Statue is an intricately detailed handcrafted sculpture that comes with a classically weathered look, despite its weather-resistant exterior. It is a relatively small piece with a height of just around 11 inches and a weight of 12kg, making it the best choice for adorning garden places, both big and small. The little small pug garden statue is a minimalist décor piece that will add a little quirk to your garden. 
  2. Swan Statue: Swans have always been iconic creatures of interest and folklore for humans, and this intricately detailed statue fits the bill for folkloric animal garden ornaments. It weighs 25kg and sits at a height of 6 inches, and comes with a realistically aged look. In case you are looking for a cosy sculpture by your garden fountain, this is the best choice. The Swan Statue will be the perfect choice for your dreamy garden decoration. It will be the perfect garden decor for your date night. 
  3. Napping Cat Statue: What else is better than a sweet cat curling around your garden! This relatively tiny sculpture, with a height of 6 inches and a weight of 7kg, is the perfect companion for a cosy garden time. It is durable, weather-resistant, ethereal in its aged look, and most of all, realistically cute. The cute little statue is another quirky addition as a garden ornament. You can either place it near the garden water feature or your little boom corner in the garden. 
  4. Kitty Cat Statue: Don’t like a sleeping cat beauty? Here is another cat statue, wide awake with peering eyes. The facial details are also exquisitely intricate, making the sculpture a good choice for the traditional garden setup as well. It has a height of 1 ft. and 2 inches and a weight of 10kg.
  • Snail Stone Garden Statue: If you like these innocuous creatures to aesthetically laze around your garden, such garden ornaments deserve a chance. With intricate details, geometric spiral patterning on the shell, and a weather-resistant exterior, it makes a great choice for a more natural garden. Its dimensions are 7 inches in height and 10kg weight. 

Stone Meerkat Statue: Meerkats, with their cute faces and funny gaits, can be an immense source of aesthetic relaxation. So, if cats and snails are not your things, this is! This linearly tall statue of height 1ft. 4 inches and weight 5kg with intricate details and a weathered look, make it the perfect choice even for theme-based gardens, like the African Savannah. 

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