Installation and upkeep of Parking lot light pole Tips

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Get An Edge: Selecting The Right Parking lot light pole Design

Parking garages are typically unlit and unsafe environments. Because of their size and the high cost of their illumination, you will need the very best parking lot lights money can buy. This guide on the design of light poles, which covers everything from height and shape to bulb kinds and more, has been compiled to assist you in making the most of the investment you have made.

Pole Height

The height of the pole should ideally be between 12 and 20 feet. This is a nice range since it enables you to see the lights from a considerable distance, but it is not so tall that it will impede traffic while they are pulling into or out of your lot.

Light Pole Design

After you have settled on the kind of design for the Parking lot light pole, it is time to select one that is appropriate for your requirements. When it comes to picking a design for a parking lot light pole, various aspects should be taken into consideration, including the following:

  • Design should match the surrounding area. The lighting system ought to be compatible with the environment it is in. For instance, if you are putting new lights next to buildings or trees that already have their lighting elements installed, such as floodlights, then it makes sense not just for aesthetic reasons but also for the goal of energy saving. This makes sense for both reasons.
  • Design should be easy to maintain. Any new installation must be simple enough for maintenance crews and other employees who aren’t trained electricians or engineers, such as security guards so that they can make repairs themselves without having to call an outside contractor every time something goes wrong with them. This applies to both routine maintenances as well as repairs made after vandalism attacks from vandals looking for metal scrap metal by cutting down poles with saws/chainsaws etc.

Lamp Types

LED lights are the most efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective option currently available. They can be controlled by a computer to alter their color, intensity, and even direction.

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs for short, are another name for LED lights. A light-emitting diode, or LED, is a type of semiconductor device that glows when an electric current flow through it. LEDs have numerous advantages over classic incandescent lights, including the following:

  • They use less energy, have a longer lifespan, and are built with stronger components overall.
  • Because they do not generate heat in the same way that incandescent do, there is no requirement for an additional cooling system while using them.
  • Additionally, LEDs have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lamps.

Surrounding Area

The surrounding region must be taken into consideration while selecting the ideal style for the parking lot light poles. The most effective poles are those that can blend in with their environment and do not stand out like a sore thumb.

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