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If no one had taught you about Quick Response Codes, you would probably have no clue what those strange black and white symbols signified. QR Codes, unlike more traditional UPC bar codes, were not commonly employed in the United States until recently. And, as you might guess, customers have generally disregarded them.

QR Codes have become increasingly generic in recent years. They don’t have any apparent call to action, corporate identity, or other hints as to why they’re there or how people should react to them. So, unless the customer is computer aware, the coding looks to add little value to the message. The majority of readers will just turn the page or dismiss the postcard without giving consideration.

One explanation for this is that the codes were designed to keep track of thousands of parts by Japanese automobile manufacturers. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that the Japanese began to use them in marketing. Japanese businesses eventually realized the value of these unique identifiers as a marketing tool.

Generating Personalized QR Codes

Now, American marketers are figuring out how to generate qr code to take advantage of this data-rich technology. Simply said, a customized code uses the same technology as generic codes but adds the benefit of image-driven visuals. Custom codes notify the customer that there is more to the message than meets the eye by adding logos, color, photos, and other tools.

The technical parts of QR Code design begin with the usage of precisely arranged black and white sections of the code. However, aesthetic elements may be incorporated using a custom code. QR Code art adds identifying aspects to that plain-looking but a highly technological piece of artwork, such as a logo, color, or photo, to make the code relate to the rest of the message.

As a result, the consumer is more compelled to use the code, scan it with a picture phone, and discover the hidden message. Some businesses employ unique codes just to direct customers to a website. Others use generate qr code to make special offers to a select group of customers, such as smart phone users.

A small company can use a custom code to provide contact information and a map to their location. Others may experiment with new appeals or special offers every week by changing their customized codes. The concept of using different codes has become popular in recent years as companies have found that it is more cost-effective than running traditional advertising campaigns.

In addition, many businesses now offer discounts for customers who sign up through email marketing programs when they receive an email from the business about upcoming promotions or other news. Customized QR Codes are also becoming more popular. The codes, which were previously only available in print advertising, are now found on billboards, postcards, t-shirts, and, in one case, a guerrilla marketer’s shoulder. Differentiating the QR code will become increasingly important as the use of these unique codes grows and the codes appear in more and more locations. Using QR Code graphics that are consistent with the company’s image might help bespoke QR codes become even more helpful as a mobile marketing tool.

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