Historical Document Transcription and Interpretation

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What Does a Professional Genealogist Do?

If you have ever been curious about your family history, you may be interested in learning more about professional genealogists and their work. Professional genealogists are individuals who specialize in researching one’s family tree and helping others to trace their lineage. They use a variety of tools and techniques to uncover historical records, analyze data, and find connections between people and families. While it is possible to do some genealogy research on your own, hiring a professional can help you get more accurate information faster. Let’s take a look at what a family history researcher does.

Researching Historical Records

One of the primary tasks of professional genealogists is researching historical records for facts about an individual’s ancestry. This involves using public or private databases, archives, libraries, and other sources to locate documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, deed records, military service records, obituaries, census records, land titles, immigration papers and ship manifests. Professional genealogists will also often visit cemeteries or local courthouses to uncover additional information about an individual’s ancestors.

Analyzing Data

Once the research phase is complete and the facts are gathered from various sources, the genealogist will then analyze the data in order to draw conclusions about an individual’s family history. This process involves looking for patterns in the data that indicate relationships between people or families over time. The analysis may involve creating digital family trees that link generations together using visual images or charts that illustrate how different branches of a family connect through marriage or other relationships.

Creating Reports

The final step in the process is writing up reports based on the research findings and analysis that has been completed by the genealogist. These reports provide detailed information about an individual’s ancestors along with any supporting evidence that was uncovered during the research process. Professional genealogists will often also include helpful tips for future researchers who may be looking into similar topics or areas of study related to an individual’s family tree.


Professional genealogy is an important field because it helps us uncover facts about our past that would otherwise remain hidden or forgotten over time. By researching historical documents and analyzing data patterns over time, professional genealogists can uncover interesting details about our ancestors that can fill out our understanding of our heritage and culture as well as our own identity as individuals today. If you are considering exploring your ancestry further than what you already know about your immediate relatives and want accurate results quickly without having to dedicate too much time to it yourself then hiring a professional genealogist might be just what you need!

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