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Drug addiction can be fatal. Drug addiction hampers the daily lives of individuals. It is important to enrol yourself in a drug detox plan to avoid any future complications. You may search on Google detox near me if you are in South Florida. The 1 Solution Detox has a detox centre in South Florida. This detox centre takes care of the entire drugs detox journey of their patients. They curate special and unique plans as per the need of their patients and the type of drugs they have used already. 

The detox journey of every patient is different. It differs with the type of substance is abused. The withdrawal symptoms vary from drug to drug. Generally, in detox centres, they taper similar medication to the substance to tweak the threshold of addiction. This in turn helps in managing the erratic withdrawal symptoms. People start depending less on these medications as the detox plan proceeds. 

Other than medication, the detox centre takes care of other needs of the patients. The doctors prescribe medicine to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, they have trained professionals to take care during tough times. Each patient has a case manager and therapist to deal with the entire detox journey. 

The detox centre has the idea about the difficulty associated with addiction detox. Substance abuse has both physical and mental effects. The effect differs from person to person. The 1 Solution Detox centre allows the patients to recover at their pace. They treat all the underlying issues responsible for drugs addiction. Along with modern methods of detox they include traditional rehabilitation methods. The traditional rehabilitation methods include one-on-one and group therapy. Holistic treatment modalities are encouraged at the detox centre. The detox centre encourages their patients to engage in recovery groups after their situation is normalized. 

How to know if you need drug detox?

Drug intake is the route to the abyss. Have you ever tried to stop yourself from taking drugs and failed? Or did you go on a drug overdose? Has the intake of drugs negatively impacted your life? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s high time to seek the professional help of drugs detox. 

There is nothing to be worried about or ashamed of drug addiction. Several people around the world fall into this trap. Substance abuse is common these days. According to statistics, in the year 2018, 20.3 million Americans had the problem of substance abuse. South Florida has grown to be known as the hub for detox. If you look for a detox near me, you will probably recommend 1 Solution Detox. 

To help you recognize the need for a detox centre, we have listed withdrawal symptoms of various drugs. 

  • Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms include Restless leg syndrome, chills, anxiety, vomiting, insomnia, nausea and diarrhoea. 
  • Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms include Seizures, panic attacks, rapid heart rate and hallucinations. 
  • Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms include Depression, malaise, trouble concentrating, fatigue. 

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms include Headaches, intense drug cravings, low energy levels, paranoia and intense drug cravings. 

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