Cure your drug addiction with a solutions recovery center

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Curing substance addiction is not as simple as it sounds to be. The patient involved needs to go through a lot of pain to get cured. They require immense physical and mental firmness to be able to do so. We at solutions recovery center make a customized schedule that varies according to the needs of each individual.

Customized Time Table

Each patient at the time of admission in solutions recovery center is given a customized timetable. This is to be followed by them during their entire stay at the center. We help them by making a customized timetable by being flexible with their schedule.

Few patients require extra care and rest as they are already severely infected by addiction inside as well as outside. Such type of patient is allotted bedtime for most of the day. Once they get up, they are given proper meals, given exercise training, and also taken care of whether they are attending spiritual guidance sessions or not.

This accounts for closely monitoring the patients day in and day out. Only such type of customized care to your loved ones can help them to grow in their daily life.

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling will help an individual to get individual attention. This is the type of solutions recovery center patient who is not severely infected by drug addiction and can very well understand the difference between what is good and bad for them. The only issue these kinds of patients usually face is that they are unable to leave the drug addiction even if they try hard to do so.

In such cases, what we do is to provide individual counseling sessions. In this program, we treat those individually by trying to know their form inside and outside. We help them to get stronger in their daily life and help them get back to their normal life faster than expected.

During the individual counseling sessions, each of the patients is allotted, personal counselor. This counseling monitors the patient’s daily activities and tries to figure out which time of the day they usually surrender for their thoughts of getting back on substance addiction.

This is considered to be the weakest point of the solutions recovery center patients. This is then worked upon. This makes the counseling session effective and helps all the patients to get cured earlier than what they usually expect put of them.

Individual Counselling is charged a bit extra as individual care is demanded from the counselors. We also provide extra care and customized routines for individual counseling care patients. This helps them to minter themselves when their counselors are not around them.

 You can get in touch with your counselor during any time of the day provided you have taken prior permission from them. In this program, we also allow the patients for selecting their flexible time slot in which they would like to visit their counselor.


Coming to the end of this article we have read about why it is necessary to get rid of solutions recovery center drug addiction.

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